Heavy Lift & Rigging

Modular Lift Tower System

OXBO’s fully engineered lift tower system offers a safe and effective way to lift, lower and place heavy loads with precision.

Designed, engineered, and fabricated by OXBO, the 2,600 ton capacity system is mounted on a skid system with hydraulic lift cylinders. With computer controlled strand jacks and adjustable header truss spacing, the gantry system has a clear span of over 100’ and clear headroom up to 150’. OXBO’s design allows for precise control of three different directions of movement from one central command center, equipped with computer controls and video monitoring. With the ability to operate on a temporary track and uneven ground, it allows for heavy lifting in confined areas or sites with overhead obstructions.

When not under load, the assembled tower system is designed to be transported or relocated on self-propelled Goldhofer platform trailers. This feature allows for easy movement and precise placement prior to lifts. It also allows the system to be moved to and from a storage area if space is an issue at the work site.

Hydraulic Gantry Systems

OXBO’s hydraulic gantry inventory includes systems up to 900 ton capacity with lifting heights to 40’. The Enerpac SBL900 is a fully self-contained system including a computer based lift operation system with real time elevation and load monitoring features. The system also allows for synchronized horizontal travel along OXBO’s runway track inventory of over 800’. A variety of header beam lengths and capacities are also available from OXBO’s inventory.

Strand Jacks

When your project is faced with a particularly heavy lift and a large crane isn’t the answer due to access limitations or cost overruns, strand jacks may be the solution. Originating from the concrete post tensioning principle, strand jacks operate in a similar fashion to a linear winch. Steel cables (strands) are guided through a hydraulic cylinder; above and below the cylinder are anchor systems with wedges that grip the strand bundle. By stroking the cylinder in and out while the grips are engaged in the anchors, safe and controlled lifting and lowering of extremely heavy loads can be achieved. OXBO maintains one of the largest and most diverse inventories of Enerpac strand jacks in North America, with individual jack capacities ranging from 300 to 660 tons, a total combined capacity exceeding 10,000 tons and professional technicians who are ready to assist with system configuration and operation.

Skid Systems

OXBO’s skid system is utilized in moving mega structures. The skid system can work alone or can be combined with Goldhofer trailers to provide solutions for heavy, complex moves. The hydraulically operated system has proven to be safe, smooth and reliable.

  • Full inventory of modern and proven equipment
  • 30 years of experienced technicians
  • Naval architect and marine engineer
  • Skid capabilities: Up to 30,000 tons

Slide System

OXBO’s 500 ton slide system is primarily used for transformers, switching buildings, and vessels. The slide system can be assembled in a short amount of time in small areas, where operating a crane is not feasible.

  • Cost effective
  • Offers flexibility
  • Precise movement
  • Safe & efficient