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This project consisted of loading four unique components on barges that were bound for the coastal waters near Reedsport, Oregon. The components were part of the PB150 PowerBuoy® which was created by Ocean Power Technologies, Inc. (OPT) of New Jersey. OPT is a pioneer in wave energy technology that harnesses ocean wave resources to generate reliable, clean and environmentally beneficial electricity.

The PB150 PowerBuoy® is the first wave energy device operating in North America and will be placed 2.5 miles off the Oregon coast near the communities of Reedsport and Gardiner. It is the first buoy of a planned multiple buoy system that will be North America’s first commercial wave power station serving thousands of local residents and businesses.

OXBO was contracted to move the components from the fabrication site to the pier where they would be loaded on two barges. The three smaller components consisting of the “heave plate”, “float” and “bridge assembly” were loaded on the first barge. The main component known as the “spar” which measured 18 feet wide, 117 feet long and weighed 150 tons was loaded on the second barge. Due to the delicate nature of the items, OXBO used its remote control self-propelled transport system to ensure smooth and level movement of the components without the use of a prime mover.

Project Video: Barge Load-out of Prototype Power Generator

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