Dam Transformer Replacement Project

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Oxbo was awarded a project that consisted of moving five transformers to be placed on the face of a dam in the Pacific Northwest.

The Oxbo crew accessed the transformer pads through over a quarter-mile of tunnels twisting through the solid rock cliffs surrounding the dam. The tunnels have low ceilings and tight corners with only inches of room to spare in several locations, which required Oxbo to use six lines of electronic steered Goldhofer trailers.

The 340,000 lb. transformers needed to be jacked up and slid through an opening only 2 inches larger than the transformer to get out into the tunnel. The transformers are loaded trailers and moved outside and stored. The process was then reversed to install a new 305,000 lb. replacement transformer.

Oxbo crews were responsible for disconnecting and reconnecting all bushings and insulators on both transformers.

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