13,000 Ton Barge Launch

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Oxbo's gantry system helped complete the fabrication of a 13,000-ton barge carrying four 1,100-ton tanks to be shipped overseas. See also our Multiple Tank Installation.

The project included moving the 1,360,000-pound bow into place and uprighting the 940,000-pound stern module at a West Coast shipyard.

The entire critical lift process, including engineering of picking points, weight estimates, and simulations were performed by Oxbo Engineering.

Oxbo Mega Transport Solutions succeeded in carefully coordinating the operation of Goldhofer trailers in conjunction with its own heavy lift gantry system.

The main decks were set in place over and around the upper piping of the tanks with less than 1/4-inch of room to spare. Two of the main decks had to travel over 300 feet to be placed in the proper location. The decks were then lowered and set into place to allow the welders to go to work attaching the deck to the hull.

It was necessary to place the decks within a 1/16-inch tolerance for final installation. This was accomplished by using both the strand jack controls and skid beam jacking system together to give the operators precise control in all directions.

With the barge assembled, Oxbo helped launch the vessel by using 164 lines of electronic steered Goldhofers along with skid gear carrying 7,000 tons of load.

"Between the precision work of Oxbo Engineering and the execution of the launch crew, we completed a side shift and load test to align for a safe launch," explained Project Manager Andy Hulings.

The barge was moved in one day, wrapping up Oxbo's turnkey service from engineering to launch.

"It was a difficult job," said Hulings, "but with the hard work of our team we were able to complete the launch safely and successfully."

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