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OXBO Assists in Efforts to Clear Amtrak Train Derailment

When an Amtrak Cascades high speed commuter train derailed on Dec. 18, 2017, near DuPont, WA, OXBO was called to assist in efforts to clear the scene.

The 12-car train was led by a 270,000-pound locomotive that was approaching an overpass when it left the tracks and landed on Interstate 5, closing all three southbound lanes of the freeway.

About 12 hours after the incident, OXBO was contacted to assess the scene and devise a plan to remove the locomotive from the freeway using a dual lane transporter.

OXBO uses dual lane transporters for numerous projects – oftentimes to move power transformers that are a fraction of the size of 71’6” Amtrak locomotive.

Not only was the locomotive longer and heavier than the typical trailer load, it was also a bit taller at 14’6”, which required some changes to the trailer design in order to have enough clearance under overpasses along the route.

OXBO Engineering quickly engineered and assembled a previously untested configuration of the trailer for the job.

The dual lane transporter was brought in through the closed southbound lanes and two 500-ton cranes lifted the locomotive onto the trailer. From there, the locomotive was transported 10 miles to a secure site at a nearby military base, where officials planned to continue their investigation. The entire load was 277’10” long and had a gross vehicle weight of 585,000 pounds.

With the locomotive removed, authorities were able to reopen two lanes of the freeway just three days after the crash.

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