Lift Tower Gantry System

OXBO’s fully engineered gantry system offers a safe and effective way to lift, lower and place heavy loads with precision.

Designed, engineered, and fabricated by OXBO, the 2,600 ton capacity gantry system is mounted on a skid system with hydraulic lift cylinders. With computer controlled strand jacks and adjustable truss spacing, the gantry system has a clear span of 108’ and clear headroom of 150’. OXBO’s design allows for precise control of three different directions of movement from one central command center, equipped with computer controls and video monitoring. With the ability to operate on a temporary track and uneven ground, it allows for heavy lifting in confined areas or sites with overhead obstructions.

When not under load, the gantry system is designed to move on self-propelled Goldhofer platform trailers. This feature allows for easy movement and precise placement prior to lifts. It also allows the system to be moved to and from a storage area if space is an issue at the work site.

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